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#1 Wholesale Suppliers of all things JEWELRY MAKING

Beads & Charms

K130 Large Hole Bead

INGLASS2 12mm Bumpy Bead

K23 Bird on Branch Connector Charm

K94 Large Collar Pendant

K90 20 Hole Collar Pendant

K88 Textured Collar Pendant

BC100 Bead Cap 4.5mm Brass Bead Cap Available in 7 Colors

K79 Chevron Pendant Charm

K75 Lightning Bolt Charm

K64 Tassel Charm Pendant

CC1227 Copper

K53 Triangle Drop Charm Pendant

k138 V Shaped Charm Pendant

K117 Leaf Cubic Zirconia Charm

BELL Assorted Pastel Colored Brass Bells

K166 Silver & Gold Epoxy Christmas Tree Charm

K141 Curved Collar Connector Pendant with Floral Details

K147 Elephant Charm Pendant

K143 Wire Face Charm Pendant

K118 Arrow Cubic Zirconia Charm

K114 Three Cubic Zirconia Charm Pendant

CCOV3 Crimp Cover

K152 Latin Catholic Religious Coin Charm

K83 Feather Charm

K76 Leaf Charm

K163 Silver & Gold 15mm CZ Constellation Charm

K162 Silver & Gold CZ Stars Charm

K154 Centerline Beadable Feather Seed Bead Charm

K151 "Dos Pesos" Heart Charm

K150 "Un Pesos" Coin Charm