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#1 Wholesale Suppliers of all things JEWELRY MAKING

CH-300 Cup Chain

CH-270 Cup Chain

CH-161 Butterfly Petal Chevron Specialty Chain

CH-141SS Stainless Steel Satellite Snake Chain

CH-133SS Stainless Steel Box Chain

CH-095 Specialty Chain

CH-937 4mm Tennis Rhinestone Cup Chain

CH-936 5.6mm Rounded Curb Chain

CH-ASST1 Assorted Chain By The Pound

SNAKE1.5 1.5mm 20 snake chain necklace

SNAKE1.5 1.5mm 18 snake chain necklace

CH-883 Curb Chain

CH-143SS Stainless Steel Curb Chain

CH-926 Cable Chain

CH-923 Specialty Chain

CH-903 Ball Chain

CH-902 Ball Chain

CH-901 Ball Chain

CH-880 Specialty Chain

CH-877 Cable Chain

CH-827 Specialty Chain

CH-813 Cable Chain

CH-7 Specialty Chain

CH-20 Cable Chain

CH-156 Specialty Chain

CH-1222 Cable Chain

CH-1118 Specialty Chain

CH-1106 Figaro Chain

CH-100 Specialty Chain