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#1 Wholesale Suppliers of all things JEWELRY MAKING


Our?Designer Earrings?have Surgical Steel posts. ?The designs are made from Pewter and plated 100% Nickel-Free w/matching Earnut.? Available in Satin Rhodium and Satin Hamilton Gold.

KE21 Hoop Post Earring

EW5018 Round 14mm Hoop Earrings With Loop

KE16 Hexagon Earring

KE20 Circle Earring

KE19 Triangle Earring

EW5016 Large 50mm Hoop Earrings

KE11 Square Earring

KE23 Hoop Post Earring

KE22 Hoop Post Earring

KE17 Rectangle Earring

EW5019 Twisted 12mm Hoop Earrings with Earring Backs

KE13 Leaf Earring

KE8 Concave Circle Earring

KE5 Faceted Pentagon Earring Post

KE15 Aspen Leaf Earring

EW5017 Beveled 40mm Hoop Earrings with Earring Back

KE4 Filigree Earring Post

KE7 Concave Textures Square Earring

KE3 Textured Bar Earring Post

KE2 Swirl Earring Post

KE6 Teardrop Earring

KE1 Flower Earring Post