Jewelry Making Supplies - Permanent Waterproof Gold Jump Ring - 6mm 18g, Made From Stainless Steel - Sold in 50 Piece Packs - J/R6SS


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Introducing our 6mm Waterproof Gold Open Jump Rings – a harmonious blend of style and strength for your jewelry endeavors. Vacuum plated with a gleaming gold finish, these jump rings exude luxury while benefiting from the robustness of marine-grade stainless steel.


  • Crafted from 18 gauge steel wire, ensuring durability.
  • 6mm diameter, versatile for a wide range of jewelry designs.
  • Sold in 50pc packs
  • Made from stainless steel, vacuum plated with a radiant gold finish.
  • 100% Lead-Safe.
  • Available in a variety of finishes to suit your design needs.

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Experience the allure of our Waterproof Gold Collection, expertly crafted to combine style with functionality. These items are designed to resist tarnishing and wear, maintaining their golden luster for up to two years of daily use. Perfect for crafting durable, elegant jewelry at a great value.