Jewelry Making Supplies - Figaro Chain - 3mm - Sold by the Foot - CH-302.


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Enhance your jewelry creations with the timeless beauty of our CH302 3mm Figaro Chain. This chain showcases a classic Figaro style, featuring elongated oval links measuring 3mm x 2.5mm, connected by tiny twisted figure 8 links.

Here are the key details of our CH302 3mm Figaro Chain:

  • Sold by the foot, allowing you to purchase the exact length you need for your project
  • Made from naturally hypo-allergenic brass, ensuring durability and wearability
  • Coated with an electro-plated Nickel Free Antique Brass finish, giving it an elegant and vintage look
  • Figaro chains are renowned for their versatile style, commonly adorned with medallions, pendants, or charms
  • The links on the chain are large enough to accommodate jump rings or connector rings, making it easy to finish your designs with a lobster clasp
  • In Italy, Figaro chains are often used to display religious or medical symbols, but they can be used in various other jewelry designs as well
  • All links on this chain are soldered closed, ensuring a secure and reliable connection

Unleash your creativity with our CH302 3mm Figaro Chain and create stunning necklaces, bracelets, and more. Its unique design and exquisite finish make it a perfect choice for both classic and contemporary jewelry pieces.

Order today and let the elegance of the Figaro chain elevate your designs to new heights.