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#1 Wholesale Suppliers of all things JEWELRY MAKING

Click here to shop our vast collection of wholesale jewelry making chain. Perfect for earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and any craft project.
CH-825 Cable Chain

CH-931 11mm x 4.25mm Paperclip Cable Chain

CH-2350 Beading Snake Chain

CH-819 3mm x 4mm Cable Chain

CH-159 Paperclip Cable Chain

CH-874 1.25mm Beading Chain

CH-829 Cable Chain

CH-350 3.5mm Rolo Chain

CH-220 Cable Chain

CH-260 Cable Chain

CH-844 Cable Chain

CH-28 Cable Chain

CH-932 19mm x 6.5mm Paperclip Cable Chain

CH-150 4mm Curb Chain

CH-836 Specialty Chain

CH-2245 Cable Chain

CH-889 Cable Chain

CH-857 Wheat Byzantine Chain

CH-944 Textured Rectangular Cable Chain

CH-302 Figaro Chain

CH-70 1.7mm Rolo Chain

CH-820 6.4mm x 3mm Cable Chain

CH-879 Curb Chain

CH-828 Cable Chain

CH-897 4mm Round Disc Specialty Chain

CH-853 Ball Chain

CH-892 6.5mm Chevron Herringbone Specialty Chain

CH-872 Satellite Chain

CH-5 7mm Rolo Belcher Chain

CH-843 Vintage Bookchain