Tiny Ball Chain - Measures 1mm - Sold by The Foot - CH-901


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The 1mm Dot-Dash Ball Chain, known as CH901, offers a unique and creative design for various jewelry projects. Here are the key features and details about this chain:

  • Chain Type: Dot-Dash Ball Chain is a distinctive variation of the traditional ball chain design, inspired by Morse Code messages. Instead of uniform round links, this chain features slightly elongated links (dashes) interspersed among the round ones (dots).

  • Size: The chain has a diameter of 1mm, making it delicate and versatile for creating a range of jewelry pieces.

  • Material: It is crafted from solid brass, ensuring durability and quality. Additionally, it is electroplated with a nickel-free finish, making it hypoallergenic.

  • Clasp Compatibility: This chain is designed to work perfectly with the BCCON1.5 ball chain clasp. It can also be paired with the CRL1 clasp, specifically for attaching to the dash links, which can create a distinct look in your jewelry designs.

  • Design Ideas: You can string pendants or charms onto this chain to create elegant and unique necklaces. Additionally, it can be used creatively in bracelet designs, such as in a tennis bracelet style by alternating it with strands of 2mm rhinestone chain.

  • Share Your Designs: The manufacturer encourages customers to share their creations using this chain on social media platforms by tagging #continentalBead, allowing you to showcase your unique jewelry designs.

The 1mm Dot-Dash Ball Chain is an excellent choice for jewelry makers looking to add a touch of creativity and elegance to their projects. Its Morse Code-inspired design offers a subtle yet meaningful aesthetic that can be incorporated into various jewelry styles.