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Charms & Pendants

Small Tassel with Silver Cap

Small Tassel with Gold Cap

Large Tassel with Silver Cap

K110 Trianglar Cubic Zirconia Charm Pendant

Large Tassel with Gold Cap

K60 20mm Spike Charm

K20 Bar Pendant Charm

K28 12mm Round Disc Charm

K144 Crescent Moon Charm Pendant

K115 Starburst Cubic Zirconia Charm Pendant

K31 Star Charm

K26 Butterfly Wing Charm Pendant

K116 Evil Eye Cubic Zirconia Charm Pendant

K95 Detailed Collar Pendant

K122 Star Cubic Zirconia Charm

Medium Silk Tassel

K111 Cubic Zirconia Charm Pendant

K123 Heart Lock Charm

K125 Hamsa Hand Charm

K142 Stamp-able Heart Charm

K121 Crown Cubic Zirconia Charm

K143 Wire Face Charm Pendant

K127 Cross Charm

Large Silk Tassel

K97 Contemporary Collar Pendant

K93 Ornate Collar Pendant

K82 Feather Charm

K53 Triangle Drop Charm Pendant

K22 Oblong Circle Charm Pendant

K137 Love Charm