Small Ball Chain - Measures 1.5mm Ball Chain - Sold by The Foot - CH-903


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1.5mm Dot-Dash Ball Chain. Sold by the foot. (Fits BCCON1.5 Our Dot-Dash-Ball chain CH903, is designed to send a message. Inspired by Morse Code messages, the slightly elongated link (dash) is a pleasant and subtle difference when compared to a standard ball chain. This chain also works perfectly with our BCCON1.5 ball chain clasp or use a RCON2 connector to create a different ending. The chain is made from solid brass and electroplated nickel free. We love to string pendants or Charm onto this chain but have also used it in a tennis bracelet design with alternating strands of 2mm rhinestone chain. Show us your designs and tag #continentalBead Use BCCON1.5 or RCON2