K131 Angel Bird Wing Charm Sold by the Piece.

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Embrace a touch of divine elegance with our Angel Bird Wing Charm. This exquisite charm measures 30mm x 9mm and features a beautifully detailed design on both sides, ensuring its enchanting beauty from every angle.

Key Features of our Angel Bird Wing Charm:

  • Angelic Symbolism: The angel bird wing is a powerful symbol of protection, guidance, and spiritual connection. Incorporate this charm into your jewelry designs to infuse them with a sense of divine grace and inspiration.

  • Versatile Size and Design: With its generous dimensions of 30mm x 9mm, this charm is perfect for a wide range of jewelry creations, including necklaces, bracelets, and keychains. Its captivating design on both sides ensures a stunning and consistent appearance.

  • Convenient Loop and Hole: The charm is equipped with a 3mm loop at the top, allowing for easy attachment to your jewelry creations. The 1.5mm hole further enhances the charm's versatility, enabling you to explore creative ways to showcase this celestial piece.

  • Premium Zinc Construction: Crafted from durable zinc, our Angel Bird Wing Charm ensures lasting quality and resilience. Its exquisite electroplated finish adds a captivating luster, making it a delightful addition to any jewelry collection.

Let the celestial beauty of our Angel Bird Wing Charm inspire your creations. Whether you're designing pieces with a spiritual theme or simply seeking to add a touch of heavenly charm, this versatile charm will grace your jewelry creations with divine allure. Sold by the piece, it's the perfect addition to your selection of celestial-inspired charms.