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#1 Wholesale Suppliers of all things JEWELRY MAKING

Designer Components & Earrings

K130 Large Hole Bead

K131 Angel Bird Wing Charm

K132 Knot Bead

K133 Woman's Face Charm Pendant

K134 Stamp-able Round Tassel Charm Pendant

K135 Chain Tassel Charm

K136 Stamp-able Plate Charm Pendant

K137 Love Charm

k138 V Shaped Charm Pendant

K139 Horseshoe Charm Pendant

K14 Coral Charm Pendant

K140 Hearts Charm Pendant

K141 Curved Collar Connector Pendant with Floral Details

K142 Stamp-able Heart Charm

K143 Wire Face Charm Pendant

K144 Crescent Moon Charm Pendant

K145 Cat Charm Pendant

K146 Scottish Terrier Dog Charm Pendant

K147 Elephant Charm Pendant

K148 Heart Charm

K149 Silver & Gold Bullion Bar Charm

K15 Abstract Pendant Charm

K150 "Un Pesos" Coin Charm

K151 "Dos Pesos" Heart Charm

K152 Latin Catholic Religious Coin Charm

K153 Centerline Beadable Seed Bead Charm

K154 Centerline Beadable Feather Seed Bead Charm

K155 Centerline Beadable Seed Bead Charm

K156 Silver & Gold Bullion Bar Charm

K157 Silver & Gold "X" Charm with Loops