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Sale Section Disclaimer

Please be aware that all items in our sale section are discontinued and available only while supplies last. All sales are final. We do not accept returns or exchanges on these items, except in cases of damage or defects upon receipt.

Should you require quantities beyond what is available, these items can be specially ordered with higher minimums. For special orders, please contact us directly to inquire.

By purchasing from our sale section, you acknowledge and agree to these terms. Enjoy your shopping and the great deals!

CBS1719 Pewter Charm

CBS1549 Pewter Bead

CBS1539 Pewter Charm

CBS1519 Pewter Charm

CBS1514 Pewter Charm

CBS1513 Pewter Charm

CBS1446 Pewter Charm

CBS1444 Pewter Charm

CBS138 Pewter Bead

CBS136 Pewter Bead

CBS135 Pewter Bead

CBS1351 Pewter Bead

CBS1226 Pewter Bead

CBS120 Pewter Bead

CBS112 Pewter Bead

CBS118463 Pewter Bead

CBS114733 Pewter Bead

CBS108 Pewter Bead

CBS1061 Pewter Bead

CBS105 Pewter Bead

CBS10013 Pewter Bead

CBS10012 Pewter Bead

CBS10010 Pewter Bead

CBS10009 Pewter Bead

CBS10008 Pewter Bead

CBS10004 Pewter Bead

CBS10000 Pewter Bead

CAC1276 Copper Connector