K123 Heart Lock Charm Sold by the Piece.

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Unlock the charm of elegance and symbolism with our Heart Lock Charm. Measuring 16mm x 10.25mm, this exquisite piece adds a touch of intrigue and romance to your jewelry designs.

Key Features of our Heart Lock Charm:

  • Symbolic Design: The Heart Lock Charm embodies the idea of protection, commitment, and the preservation of precious moments. Its charming heart-shaped lock design evokes emotions of love and devotion.

  • Choice of Finishes: Available in both silver and gold, our Heart Lock Charm offers versatility in design. Whether you seek a classic silver look or the warmth of gold, this charm has you covered.

  • Optimal Dimensions: With dimensions of 16mm x 10.25mm, the charm strikes a balance between being a noticeable focal point and an understated addition to your jewelry creations.

  • Quality Core Metal: Crafted from zinc, the charm promises both durability and a refined appearance. Its core metal provides a solid foundation for plating and finishing.

  • Premium Plating: The charm's electro-plated nickel-free finish ensures hypoallergenic wear and maintains its shine. It is 100% lead-safe, promoting both style and safety.

  • Protective Coating: Our Heart Lock Charm features a protective e-coating layer, preserving its luster and guarding against the effects of wear and time.

  • Care Tips: For optimal longevity, avoid wearing the charm while swimming or bathing, and refrain from exposing it to perfume or lotions. Cleaning is easy – use gentle hand soap and warm water, followed by patting it dry with a paper towel.

  • Versatile Applications: Incorporate the Heart Lock Charm into bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and more. Let its symbolic essence enhance your jewelry designs.

Elevate your creations with the timeless charm of the Heart Lock Charm. Whether it's a token of affection or a representation of commitment, this piece adds an element of intrigue to your designs. Choose your preferred finish, and let the charm symbolize protection, love, and devotion in your jewelry pieces. With its exquisite design and meaningful connotation, the Heart Lock Charm is a must-have for any jewelry enthusiast.