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#1 Wholesale Suppliers of all things JEWELRY MAKING

Cord Findings

CRL 1 Fold-Over 1mm Cord or Chain End

SOC 2 Clasps

CRTB2 2mm x 2mm Crimp Tube

SOC 4 Clasps

CCAP2 Glue-In Cord End Cap

K42 16mm Slide Tube

K43 20mm Slide Tube

K44 30mm Slide Tube

SOC 2R Clasps

CRL 2 Fold-Over 2mm Cord or Chain End

CCOV4 Crimp Cover

CRL 3 Fold-Over 3mm Cord or Chain End

CCAP4 Glue-In Cord End Cap

CRBD2 2mm Crimp Bead

CCAP3 Glue-In Cord End Cap

CCAP6 Cord End Cap

CCAP8 Cord End Cap

K39 Square Curved Tube

CCOV3 Crimp Cover

K29 25mm Curved Tube

CRL 2.5 Fold-Over 2.5mm Cord or Chain End

K44XL Silver 40mm Slide Tube *Limited Supply*

K84 Large Square Curved Tube

CT20 Curved Tube

CCAP1SS/G 0.9mm Glue-In Cord End Cap in Waterproof Gold Sold by the piece

CT12 Curved Tube

RC2 10.5mm Ribbon Crimp End Clasp

RC1 6.5mm Ribbon Crimp End Clasp

RC3 20mm Ribbon Crimp End Clasp