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Jump Rings

Our Jump Rings plated and stainless, contain less than 8% Nickel.
Core Material: Steel
J/R6 6mm 18g Jump Ring

J/R8 8mm 18g Jump Ring

JR4 4mm 21g Jump Ring

J/R4 4mm 18g Jump Ring

JR3 3mm 22g Jump Ring

JR6 6mm 21g Jump Ring

J/R 10 10mm 13 Gauge Jump Ring Sold by Weight Available in Multiple Colors

JR/10 10mm 15g Jump Ring

J/R12 12mm 13 Gauge Jump Ring

JR/12 12mm 15g Jump Ring

JR/15 15mm 15g Jump Ring

JR3.5SS 3.5mm 22 Gauge Stainless Steel Jump Rings

J/R5SS 5mm 18g Jump Ring

JROV 2.65mm x 3.5mm Oval 20g Jump Rings

J/R6MIX 6mm Mix Gauge Bag of Jump Rings

J/R7 7mm 18g Jump Ring