We have had thousands of customer testimonials over the years. Here are a few for you to enjoy.

At Continental Bead Suppliers we do our best to always deliver the best possible customers service.  Our family business takes pride in delivering our goods to you as quickly and efficiently as possibly.  We go above and beyond with our complementary drop-shipping service and making sure from start to finish your completely satisfied with our products and service. Sometimes our customers recognize our hard work and we wanted to share some of their lovely testimonials. We would love to hear from you! Submit your testimonials here: https://www.continentalbeadsuppliers.com/pages/customer-testimonials

"I wanted to send you my thanks for making my first experience of ordering from you such a positive experience. From the first email reply when I was first inquiring to see if I was eligible to sign up for an account with you and all the way to receiving the last email informing me that my order has been processed and shipped - your customer service has been kind, helpful and professional." 

- Jules

When helping one of our customers via the chat feature on our website she said this;

"You guys have always had the best customers service but this text feature is next level!!!"

- Rachael

"I really love your products and prices"

- Cathy

"Dean, I have been working hard over the past several years, attempting to build strong personal relationships with our suppliers. So many things are done digitally, which is what we need to keep up in this world, but that takes away from who we are as humans. 

I have been very successful with my artisan suppliers, and building those relationships very strong, on personal levels that are not always easy to achieve, even in person, but especially from a distance. What you have started with your company and the way you can bring your product to the world, goes right along with my attempt to build the relationships. 

You are the first, non-artisan supplier that I have been able to connect with in a manner other than “by the book” and you are changing things in this world by doing it, for a much better work environment for everyone. 

I feel very strongly about the way you are handling your company, and just wanted to make sure you know that you have already made a huge difference, and I am sure it is not just my opinion on the subject, but hope you feel the sincerity when I say this, you should be very proud of your accomplishments, and know that you have made an impact on this industry, and on me, and it is appreciated more than you will ever know." 

- Jen H.

I wanted to say THANK YOU for the outstanding customer service and quick delivery. Unbelievable! I too am a small business and so appreciate you!
Thank you again!