For the past few months, the world has been in an uncertain state. Luckily, technology has kept the world connected on both large and small scales. With just a touch of the button, we can talk to our loved ones, go to school, work, or even start a business completely from scratch.


Ecommerce is blowing up in a whole new way. Online stores are no longer simply digital storefronts for our favorite places to shop. They are a completely realistic and attainable way for absolutely anyone to start their own business.


With Continental Bead Suppliers, we can give you the tools that you need to make hundreds of dollars a day right from home by selling jewelry online.


Here’s how we do it:

We are an online wholesale jewelry supplier that utilizes dropshipping to fulfill your online orders. Your customers place an order on your eCommerce site, you order their items from us, and we ship it directly to them so you don’t have to worry about packing, shipping, or tracking.


In between the ordering process, we also give our partners the secrets to success! Our #1 priority is the satisfaction of our partners and their customers. So, let’s build something amazing together and get you the business you deserve.


Continental Bead Suppliers’ Secrets to Success


  1. Create a dropshipping account with Continental Bead Suppliers. Post as many listings as you’d like on your eCommerce marketplace by using photos from our website with detailed descriptions. For help with descriptions, check out this resource.

    2. Create an enticing lead generation ad. Use your social media accounts to give away something in exchange for an email address. For example: create a downloadable and printable jewelry making tutorial with step by step instructions using products from Continental Bead Suppliers in your jewelry design.

    3. Frequently post and interact on social media. Find local influencers to partner with and get your name out to a broader audience. Utilize graphic design tools like Canva to create professional social media posts for free.

    4. Have a blog section on your website. Within your blog, you can foster deeper connections with your customer base. Create a free quiz that’s relevant to them and post it on your blog. For example: “Which jewelry making kit best fits your style?” At the end of the quiz, leave a prompt for the user to fill out their email address in order to get their results.

  2. Utilize email marketing.
    Email marketing is a great way to keep in contact with your customer base and foster customer loyalty. Send out frequent and regular posts that share new products, coupons, special offers, and inspiring ideas.

    6. Deliver fast and exceptional customer service. People will always remember the businesses that go above and beyond to make them happy. When you partner with Continental Bead Suppliers, we help you make sure that every single order is filled and delivered on time. In the event of a return, exchange, or replacement, we handle that, too! Providing excellent customer service is the #1 way to get repeat business and create customer loyalty.


Are you ready to make hundreds of dollars a day from home? Selling jewelry online is one of the best ways to do it! We know because we’ve been in the business for long enough to tell you. The beautiful thing about jewelry is that, while styles may change and trends come and go, jewelry is always able to adapt and will never go out of style.


Let’s make the world more beautiful, together! Contact us with any and all questions. We can’t wait to get you started with selling jewelry online.