CH-872 (2mm) Satellite Chain Sold by The Foot.


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Elevate your jewelry designs with our exquisite 2mm Satellite Rolo Chain. Sold by the foot, this chain offers both elegance and sturdiness, making it a versatile option for various jewelry pieces.

Here are the key details of our 2mm Satellite Rolo Chain:

  • Sold by the foot, allowing you to purchase the exact length you need for your project
  • Made from solid, naturally hypoallergenic brass, ensuring durability and wearability
  • Electro-plated in seven finishes, offering a wide range of options to suit your design preferences
  • The 2mm Rolo (or Rollo) design adds an elegant flow to your jewelry pieces
  • Links are soldered for extra strength and reliability
  • Fits up to an 18g jump ring, providing versatility for attaching charms or other components
  • Can be used as a standalone piece or in multiple lengths to create stunning necklaces, bracelets, or anklets
  • Compatible with our K42, K43, or K44 Slide on Clasps, allowing for unique multi-strand and cup chain mixed tennis style bracelet designs

Unlock your creativity with our 2mm Satellite Rolo Chain. Its elegant design and compatibility with various components offer endless possibilities for your jewelry creations.

Order today and discover the beauty and versatility of our 2mm Satellite Rolo Chain. Create stunning and unique pieces that reflect your personal style.