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#1 Wholesale Suppliers of all things JEWELRY MAKING

Cord & Stringing

CRL 1 Fold-Over 1mm Cord or Chain End

SOC 2 Clasps

CRTB2 2mm x 2mm Crimp Tube

SOC 4 Clasps

CCAP2 Glue-In Cord End Cap

K42 16mm Slide Tube

K43 20mm Slide Tube

K44 30mm Slide Tube

SOC 2R Clasps

CRL 2 Fold-Over 2mm Cord or Chain End

CCOV4 Crimp Cover

WC 1mm Cotton Cord Available in Multiple Colors

CRL 3 Fold-Over 3mm Cord or Chain End

WC 2mm Cotton Cord Available in Multiple Colors

CCAP4 Glue-In Cord End Cap

WC 0.5mm Cotton Cord Available in Multiple Colors

CRBD2 2mm Crimp Bead

CCAP3 Glue-In Cord End Cap

CCAP6 Cord End Cap

CCAP8 Cord End Cap

K39 Square Curved Tube

CCOV3 Crimp Cover

K29 25mm Curved Tube

CRL 2.5 Fold-Over 2.5mm Cord or Chain End

K44XL Silver 40mm Slide Tube *Limited Supply*

K84 Large Square Curved Tube

CT20 Curved Tube

CCAP1SS/G 0.9mm Glue-In Cord End Cap in Waterproof Gold Sold by the piece

CT12 Curved Tube