Do you find it hard to shop online for jewelry making products? Are you the kind of person who just loves shopping in person so you can get a better feel for what the product looks like and how it functions? Well we have heard you loud and clear and want to offer you a solution to your online shopping woes.


Schedule your meeting here:

In this meeting you can come prepared with questions and products you would like to see, or you can sit back and enjoy the meeting and get a better understanding of our quality and of the products we offer. 


Do you find it hard to see the size of a product? Video solves that problem. We can compare and show you close ups of the products you're interest in. 


Is something not exactly clear to you how it works and functions? We know there are many items that are new and maybe you have never used one before. We will happily show you exactly how each items works and functions.


December 06, 2022 — Dean Aaron