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NEW in 2023 for our wholesale customers, we are super excited to offer an innovative way to shop with us via our state of the art ZOOM studio. Do you sometimes find it challenging to understand the size of a product? Video solves that problem. We can compare and show you close ups of the products you’re interest in. During a 30 minute call you will have a unique opportunity to ask questions, view our chains and other components like never before so that you can make informed design and purchasing decisions. Schedule your call via this link THIS is a game changing way to create your latest collections with confidence! 

Check out this example of how clearly we can display our jewelry making products.

What are the benefits?

Meet with a live sales representative on a ZOOM video conference call where we can show you products in real time and help you build your order. In our broadcasting studio we are capable of showing you up close video of any product in our range of jewelry making items. You will be able to get an excellent idea of quality, size, and function of every item we sell. If you would rather meet with a sales representative than search our website for the items you need then this service is for you!

Click here to book your live video conference call.

December 20, 2023 — Dean Aaron