CH-832 (5.5mm) Wheat Snake Byzantine Chain Sold by The Foot.


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Introducing our versatile 5.5mm Wheat Chain. Sold by the foot, this chain opens up a world of creative possibilities for your jewelry projects.

Here are the key details of our 5.5mm Wheat Chain:

  • Sold by the foot, allowing you to purchase the exact length you need for your project
  • Perfect for weaving cord or leather through its links, adding texture and dimension to your designs
  • The links provide ample space for attaching jump rings of any size gauge
  • Can be used to create stunning bracelets for both men and women
  • Looks great by itself, especially when finished with our cord end caps (CCAP8) and barrel-shaped magnet clasp (CL/MC2) for a seamless and stylish closure
  • Alternatively, you can add a lobster clasp for a classic touch
  • Available in nine finishes, providing a range of options to suit your design preferences

Unleash your creativity with our 5.5mm Wheat Chain. Explore various design options, from weaving cords to incorporating buttons and other elements to create unique and personalized bracelets.

Order today and discover the endless design possibilities of our 5.5mm Wheat Chain. Create stunning and versatile jewelry pieces that reflect your individual style.