Selling jewelry in stores is a great way to make some extra money on the side. The trick is to find a store that will carry your jewelry, and then get it out there!


One of the advantages of being a traveling jewelry designer is that you can meet with customers face-to-face in many different places. You have a wonderful opportunity to show off your work in person, talk about your brand, and develop meaningful connections with shop owners. Before you know it, you could turn your small jewelry business into a nationwide brand!


We want you to be as successful as possible and use a jewelry business as a tool for living your dream life. If you have always wanted to travel and make money, you can finally do so! All you need is a few simple tips and tricks of the trade and clever sales tactics. 

How to Get Your Jewelry in Stores All Over the Country

As a travel enthusiast, you have a unique opportunity to meet and connect with business owners from coast to coast. If you’re already driving from place to place with your wares packed away in your van, you can look up local businesses that sell jewelry, make an appointment with the owner or buyer, show your beautiful products, and strike a deal to have your creations on display.


The local business will make money from the sale – and so will you! Everyone wins!


Setting Up an Appointment Over the Phone

Let's say you’re traveling to Salt Lake City next week, and you know you’re going to spend 2 weeks there. Before you get on your way, Google a few local gift shops and boutique stores in the area.


Call the store during business hours to explain who you are and what you sell. Express that you’re interested in setting up a 30-minute appointment to show your jewelry designs and suggest a date and time. Be sure to inform the shop owner that you’ll be in town for two weeks and this is a priority stop during your trip!


Making the Sale

When at the appointment, show your product samples and provide all the important details, including materials, color and pattern options, and any customizations that you offer. Explain to the shop owner that these are only samples and you’d like to take orders for specific items that will be made and shipped to the store shortly after your meeting.


It’s best to collect payment before you depart the store, so your costs for materials and shipping are already covered. However, some businesses may need a grace period. If that’s the case, create a written agreement for when the invoice will be paid and which payment method they will use.


Displaying Your Jewelry

Ideally, you would be able to make the jewelry while you’re in town and drop off the order in person. Otherwise, you can fulfill the order while you travel and ship it from a post office at your next destination.


In either case, you’ll want to negotiate to get your jewelry in a prime location within the shop: near the register. Customers at the register are already spending money and usually have a few minutes to spare while they’re checking out. This is the perfect opportunity to get your designs front and center! Chances are, customers will see your beautiful jewelry and want to add another item to their purchase before they head out. It’s a great idea to also provide the boutique with a branded display that shows your company name and ethos. This allows you to market your business to people who don’t purchase!


Negotiating this is very simple! The best way to go about it is to offer the boutique something at no cost to them. For example: if the owner promises to display your jewelry at the cash register, promise to take back and refund any merchandise that does not sell within 120 days of delivery. This tactic gives you a very good chance at a successful negotiation!


Because your display is already at the register, you will likely sell out before the 120-day mark. If you do need to issue a refund, it will likely be small. In our experience, most boutique customers do not request refunds or initiate returns - this deal almost always works in your favor!


Add a Personal Touch

While visiting prospective clients, you should focus on building meaningful relationships with the store owner. Ask questions and get to know them! For example, talk about your journeys and share personal bits of information. Ask if there’s anything in town that you should see or inquire about their personal lives in a friendly way. You might learn that they have a child who is graduating college soon or they’ve recently adopted a rescue dog!


These small but valuable interactions build the foundation for a meaningful relationship. In the future, you can tell them how much you loved their recommendation, ask how their graduation celebrations went, or check in on how their dog has settled into his new life.


This personal touch is sure to create a long-lasting relationship that is based on mutual trust, respect, and appreciation.


For all you jewelry designers with dreams of selling your gorgeous pieces in stores: we hope our list of sales tactics have you feeling refreshed and more confident in getting your jewelry placed in boutiques around the country! Now, get out there and make your dreams come true!


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