KE8 Concave Circle Earring. Sold by the Piece.


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Satin Rhodium

Elevate your earring designs with our exquisite KE8 11mm Concaved Round Post Earring with Loop. This stunning earring component measures 11mm in diameter and features a unique concaved round design that adds depth and dimension to your creations. Crafted with attention to detail, this post earring is nickel-free, ensuring both comfort and style for the wearer.

Key Features of our KE8 11mm Concaved Round Post Earring with Loop:

  • Distinctive Design: The concaved round shape of these post earrings adds a touch of sophistication to your jewelry pieces. The thoughtful design ensures that your creations stand out, catching the light in captivating ways.

  • Versatile Size: With a diameter of 11mm, these post earrings offer a versatile size that works well for various earring designs. Whether you're creating elegant studs or dangling earrings, this component provides a solid foundation for your creativity.

  • Complete Set: Each KE8 11mm Concaved Round Post Earring comes with an included earnut, offering convenience and security. The earnut ensures that your earrings stay in place comfortably, making them suitable for everyday wear.

  • Nickel-Free Composition: Our post earrings are nickel-free, making them hypoallergenic and ideal for those with sensitive skin. You can confidently create jewelry that not only looks exceptional but also feels comfortable to wear.

  • Sold Individually: Each KE8 11mm Concaved Round Post Earring with Loop is sold individually, allowing you to craft unique pieces tailored to your design vision. Whether you're designing for yourself or creating stunning gifts, these post earrings provide endless possibilities.

Elevate your jewelry creations with the elegant KE8 11mm Concaved Round Post Earring with Loop. Whether you're a seasoned jewelry maker or just starting your creative journey, these components offer a stylish foundation for your unique earrings. Embrace the beauty of concaved design and enjoy the satisfaction of crafting stunning jewelry pieces that truly stand out.