SR21 21mm Large Spring Ring Clasp With Loop


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SR21 is a specialized jewelry clasp designed for chain jewelry. Here are the key details about SR21:

  • Material: SR21 is available in multiple hypoallergenic finishes, which adds an elegant and timeless touch to your jewelry pieces.

  • Size: It has a substantial size, with an outside diameter of 21mm and an inside diameter of 14mm. This size is ideal for various types of chain jewelry, including necklaces and bracelets.

  • Clasp Mechanism: SR21 features an easy-to-pull trigger mechanism, making it convenient to open and close the clasp. This design ensures that your jewelry stays securely fastened when worn.

  • Additional Loop: Apart from the main clasp mechanism, SR21 also includes a loop on the side. This loop serves as an attachment point for the other end of your jewelry design, providing a secure connection.

SR21 is a practical and stylish clasp option, especially for chain jewelry where ease of use and security are essential. Its gold finish adds a touch of luxury to your creations, making it a popular choice among jewelry designers and enthusiasts.