7mm Celtic Filigree Pewter Bead in Silver Pewter & Gold - Sold Individually - CBS5/B1900

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Product Description: Enhance your jewelry collection with the intricate beauty of our 7mm Celtic Filigree Pewter Beads, available in silver pewter and gold finishes. These beads feature a detailed Celtic filigree design that adds a touch of historical elegance to any piece. Perfect for creating bracelets, necklaces, or earrings that require a sophisticated, ornate look. Sold individually, these beads allow for precision and creativity in your designs, making them ideal for both hobbyists and professional jewelers.

  • Material: Crafted from high-quality pewter with intricate filigree detailing.
  • Size: Each bead measures 7mm, perfect for adding a detailed accent to your jewelry.
  • Colors: Available in classic silver and rich gold to match different design preferences.
  • Design: Features a Celtic filigree pattern that evokes a sense of tradition and artistry.
  • Use: Ideal for creating jewelry with a cultural or historical theme, or simply to add an ornate touch to modern pieces.

Care Tips: To maintain the bead's detailed design and finish, avoid exposure to harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners. Clean gently with a soft cloth and store in a separate compartment to prevent scratches. This will help preserve the intricate filigree work and ensure the bead remains a highlight in your jewelry creations.