Crescent Moon Charm - Available in Silver and Gold - Measures 11mm x 17mm - Sold by the Piece - K124

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Capture the mystique of the night sky with our exquisite Crescent Moon Charm. Measuring 17.5mm x 11.50mm, this charming piece brings the celestial beauty of the crescent moon to your jewelry creations.

Key Features of our Crescent Moon Charm:

  • Celestial Elegance: The crescent moon holds an array of meanings, from growth and change to the cyclical nature of life. With its graceful design and captivating curves, this charm encapsulates the allure of the night sky, allowing you to infuse your jewelry with a touch of celestial elegance.

  • Versatile Size: At 17.5mm x 11.50mm, this charm strikes a perfect balance between statement and subtlety. Its size makes it ideal for various jewelry pieces, from necklaces and bracelets to earrings.

  • Quality Composition: Crafted from zinc, the charm offers both durability and a captivating visual appeal. The core metal's strength ensures that your creations will endure, while the charm's intricate design adds a layer of sophistication.

  • Variety of Finishes: Our Crescent Moon Charm is available in both silver and gold plate options, allowing you to choose the perfect finish for your design. Whether you're aiming for a classic or a more radiant look, this charm has you covered.

  • Sold by the Piece: Each charm carries a story, and our Crescent Moon Charm is ready to enhance yours. Sold individually, it grants you the freedom to incorporate this celestial piece into your jewelry designs, making each creation a unique and personalized masterpiece.

Infuse your jewelry designs with the timeless allure of the crescent moon using our Crescent Moon Charm. Let your creativity shine as you weave the symbolism of growth, change, and cosmic wonder into your handmade jewelry. Whether you're creating for yourself or a cherished recipient, this charm invites you to explore the magic of the moonlit sky in your designs.