Did you know we can drop ship orders to your customers?

Sell spools of chain on your website and we will take care of the rest. Business just got a whole lot easier. Learn the tools to start drop shipping today!



  1. move (goods) from the manufacturer directly to the retailer without going through the usual distribution channels.
    "the shopping network has begun drop-shipping orders taken by telephone or over the Internet"

Sell Chain Using Social Media Marketing.

When you receive an order on your website for one of our products, go to continentalbeadsuppliers.com and place the drop ship order on our website for the same product(s).  We will then ship it directly to your customer, FAST!



Checking out on our website.

Enter your customers delivery address in the "Dropship Notes or Special Instructions" section of our shopping cart when checking out online.

Please specify that this order is a DROP SHIP.  We will choose the most economical shipping method.


Your customers can't find out who we are.

We hide everything including our style numbers on the bag/spool. We only write the length/quantity on the item your customer receives.


We Create Custom Shipping Labels

The custom label has your return address and we email you the tracking number and invoice.


Business re-imagined.

All you have to worry about is delivering great customer service through your online sales channel and marketing our products through social media.  We take care of the rest!