You may be quick to assume that sterling silver jewelry is the way to go – it’s a high-quality, precious metal that has been used to make delicate pieces of jewelry for thousands of years! However, as technology improves all areas of life, we are happy to be able to welcome stainless steel jewelry into the category of “metals that are best for your skin.”


In fact, there are many reason as to why stainless steel is better for your skin AND lifespan of your jewelry! That’s right, but choosing jewelry made out of stainless steel you can actually have better looking jewelry for longer.


Let’s get into the benefits of stainless steel jewelry over sterling silver jewelry in more detail


Stainless Steel Jewelry Does Not Tarnish

There’s nothing worse than wearing a beautiful piece of your favorite jewelry for a little while and then noticing that it’s turned a completely different color. Once silver tarnishes, you have to take time, money, and effort to polish it back to its original shine – and be careful to not ruin the integrity of the silver!


Stainless steel does not tarnish at all, so that’s one less thing that you’ll have to worry about. Your jewelry will always look as beautiful as the first day you put it on, every after wearing it in the ocean, shower, pool, or getting perfume on it - the same can’t be said for sterling silver jewelry.


Stainless Steel is More Affordable

Have you ever had your eye on a beautiful piece of sterling silver jewelry, but you decided that purchasing it would be irresponsible due to its price point? Stainless steel is a much more affordable material which makes it accessible to more people. We believe that everyone has the right to feel and look their best, and that’s why we use high grade stainless steel over sterling silver.


Finally, everyone can have the impressive jewelry collection that they’ve always wanted!


Stainless Steel is Hypoallergenic

If you go searching for the answer to the question “is sterling silver hypoallergenic?” you’ll find that you get mixed answers. Silver has to be mixed with other metals in order for it to be hard enough to make jewelry out of, which can make for risky business if you have particularly sensitive skin.


Stainless steel jewelry is completely hypoallergenic and free of any metals that will cause an allergic reaction. Stainless steel jewelry is made out of surgical grade metal, which means it’s well-designed to be in and on your body for long periods of time.


Choosing Stainless Steel over Sterling Silver Jewelry

Here at Continental Bead Suppliers, we only use the highest grade of stainless steel possible. In fact, the stainless steel that we use is the exact same stainless steel that Rolex uses in their watches! Our stainless steel will never tarnish, turn black from oxidation, or cause any issues on the skin. See why so many people are switching from sterling silver jewelry to stainless steel jewelry! Shop our collections today.