What is the benefit of plated jewelry vs. gold or silver filled jewelry?

Gorgeous, shiny jewelry adds class and elegance to any outfit. When purchasing jewelry, most people tend to seek out pieces that are made with precious metals because they are high in value, beautiful, and – most importantly – are hypo-allergenic so even people with the most sensitive skin can wear them with pride. However, solid gold, sterling silver, and gold-filled jewelry tends to come with a hefty price tag. Silver and gold-plated is an excellent option for those who would like the benefits and appearance of high-end jewelry without the high-end price tag.

What is the difference between precious metals and plated jewelry?

The major difference between precious metals and plated jewelry is plating is made up of a combination of metals in order to create the appearance of precious metal jewelry. We use copper and other plating techniques to bond gold to the base metal. 

Gold plated chain

How much gold is in your plating?

Our gold chain for example is 18K gold plate. It is made of a multiple step plating process. The amount of gold in our plating can vary slightly but usually measures approximately 1 mils in thickness (25.4 microns). 

So then what is your plating if its not pure gold?

Our plating mixture is a proprietary mixture created over years of experimentation and testing.  We bond a thin layer of copper to the base metal (usually brass) and then give it a gold bath where we pass electricity through the base metal to bond the 18k gold to the core material. We then give it an e-coating to ensure the durability of the product.

This process is the same for all of our finishes we just use different metals and that is why the finishes vary in price with the gold, rose gold, and matte gold being the most expensive finishes we offer currently.

Does the same process apply to the rest of your finishes?

Yes, each finish is comprised of various metals to create the appearance of a solid precious metal product.  For example, our shiny silver has some sterling silver in the plating and undergoes the same processes as the gold plating. 

How are the matte finishes created?

The matte finishes are created with an additional step in the plating process.  A matte acrylic layer is applied to the finish to create a less shiny appearance. The final step is always to apply e-coating to ensure the durability of the product.