At Continental Bead Suppliers Inc., we pride ourselves on offering top-quality jewelry-making products that are not only beautiful but also safe and compliant with industry standards. Our unique plating process and commitment to quality control set us apart in the industry. Here's an in-depth look at the composition of our products and our dedication to safety and excellence.


Our plated jewelry is created through a multi-step process that utilizes real 18K gold, sterling silver, and copper to mimic the appearance of solid gold chain, with the same hypoallergenic properties as gold. The gold content in our plating typically measures around 1 mils thick (25.4 microns) of 18K gold.

We use a proprietary mixture developed over years of research and testing for our plating. The process begins with bonding a thin copper layer to the base metal (commonly brass) before immersing it in 18K gold. Electricity is then used to bond the 18K gold to the core material, followed by an e-coating to ensure durability.


Each finish consists of a combination of metals to achieve the appearance of a solid precious metal product. Our gold, rose gold, and matte gold finishes are currently the most expensive options. Matte finishes involve an extra step, where a matte acrylic layer is applied to reduce shininess, always followed by an e-coating for durability.


Stainless steel jewelry has gained popularity for its durability, versatility, brightness, and ease of maintenance. But what makes it suitable for those with metal allergies, and what is it made of?

What is Stainless Steel Made Of?

Stainless steel is an alloy primarily composed of iron, with a minimum of 10.5% chromium content. Other elements like nickel, molybdenum, titanium, niobium, and copper may be added. There are several types of stainless steel, each with unique properties:

  • Austenitic: Composed of iron, chromium, and nickel, known for good corrosion resistance.
  • Ferritic: Composed of iron and chromium, less strong but good corrosion resistance.
  • Martensitic: Composed of iron, chromium, and carbon, known for strength and wear resistance but less corrosion resistant.

The most common type used for jewelry is 316L, a low-carbon, high-chromium alloy that is hypoallergenic.

Why is Stainless Steel Safe for Those with Metal Allergies?

Nickel is the most common allergen found in metal jewelry, and it can be an ingredient in stainless steel. However, hypoallergenic stainless steel, like the 316L type, contains a low amount of nickel, making it less likely to cause allergic reactions.

It's also worth noting that stainless steel can be plated or coated with other metals, which may affect its hypoallergenic properties. For those with metal allergies, it's best to choose hypoallergenic stainless steel that has not been plated.

Other Safe Metals for Those with Metal Allergies

Other metals considered safe for those with metal allergies include Titanium, Platinum, Gold, Palladium, Silver, and Copper. These metals are less likely to cause allergic reactions but should be chosen carefully, considering alloys and treatments.


We are dedicated to ensuring that our products are lead-safe, cadmium-safe, nickel-free, and compliant with California Proposition 65. While we may advertise products as nickel-free, trace amounts of nickel may be present due to unavoidable contamination at plating facilities.

While it is impossible for us to test every single product every single time we receive a shipment from our manufacturers, we are committed to conducting random tests to ensure compliance. Should any irregularities be detected, we promptly address the issue with the manufacturer.


Plated jewelry offers lasting beauty with proper care. To prolong the life of your plated jewelry, follow simple care tips such as avoiding exposure to water, chemicals, or abrasive substances, gently cleaning with a soft cloth, and storing separately in a cool, dry place.


Continental Bead Suppliers Inc. is more than a supplier; we are your trusted partner in creativity. Our commitment to quality, safety, and innovation ensures that you receive products that meet the highest standards.

Explore our extensive range of plated jewelry and experience the beauty, quality, and safety that sets us apart. For any concerns or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to assist you in your creative journey, inspiring you every step of the way.

August 23, 2023 — Dean Aaron