Welcome to Continental Bead Suppliers Inc., your go-to wholesale destination for all your jewelry making needs. As a leading player in the jewelry making industry, we pride ourselves on offering a vast array of top-quality products. If you're a business looking for the finest chains, beads, findings and more, you've come to the right place!

Strictly Wholesale with Requirements

At Continental Bead Suppliers Inc., we are strictly a wholesale company. To shop with us, you'll need to provide a wholesale tax ID or a valid business license. This requirement allows us to maintain a seamless wholesale experience and cater to businesses of all sizes. Click here to apply for a wholesale account.

Discover Our High-Quality Electro Plated Nickel-Free, Lead-Safe, and Hypoallergenic Products

Our specialty lies in our wide range of electro plated nickel-free, lead-safe, and hypoallergenic chain and findings. We understand the importance of safety and quality, especially for jewelry makers and businesses catering to customers with sensitive skin. With our products, you can create beautiful and safe jewelry pieces that your customers will adore.

Global Shipping: We Ship to Your Doorstep

Wherever you are in the world, we've got you covered. We take pride in our efficient global shipping services, ensuring that you receive your orders on time, no matter your location. With our wide distribution network, you can trust us to deliver your wholesale orders promptly.

Industry-Leading Manufacturing Techniques

At Continental Bead Suppliers Inc., we believe in craftsmanship excellence. We employ industry-leading manufacturing techniques to ensure the highest quality for all our products. Each piece of chain or our findings undergo rigorous quality control, guaranteeing that you receive products that meet the highest standards.

Explore Our Products with Virtual Appointments on ZOOM

To enhance your shopping experience, we offer virtual appointments on ZOOM. Book an appointment with us here, and one of our knowledgeable representatives will guide you through our extensive product catalog in high definition. Get a closer look at the size, design, and quality of our products from the comfort of your workspace.

Effortless Drop Shipping for Your Convenience

We understand the challenges of managing inventory and logistics. That's why we offer a hassle-free drop shipping service. List our products on your preferred sales channel, like Etsy, and once you make a sale, come to our website, place the order with your customer's shipping address, and we'll take care of the rest. Your customers will receive the package with a custom shipping label bearing your return address, giving them the impression that it came directly from you. Check out this blog post to learn more about drop-shipping.

Customer-Friendly Return Policy

Your satisfaction is our priority. We stand by a 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, and initiating a return is easy. Please ensure that the return meets the following criteria:

  • The product is unused and in its original packaging.
  • Special orders are not eligible for return.
  • Partial returns cannot be accepted.
  •  A 10% restocking fee may be applied under certain circumstances

Please review our Customer Return Form and include it with your return to expedite the process. Click here to read our full return policy

Family-Owned Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers Since 2003 

Continental Bead Suppliers, established in Connecticut, moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in July 2003. We are proud to say that we're a 100% family owned and operated business. We are major online jewelry supplier with a great selection of wholesale chains, findings, wholesale beads, and beading supplies to bead stores and other qualified distributors located throughout the world. We are well known for our reliability, friendliness, and prompt fulfillment of orders. Only top quality products are offered to our customers, ensuring they are able to sell them profitably and confidently. New styles and items are introduced monthly, so please be sure to visit our website often, or call us for more information.

Earn Beading Bucks with our Loyalty Rewards Program

At Continental Bead Suppliers Inc., we value our loyal customers, and that's why we've introduced our exciting Loyalty Rewards Program. With every dollar you spend on our website, you'll earn valuable Beading Bucks. These Beading Bucks can be accumulated over time and redeemed for gift cards, which can be used to offset the cost of future purchases. It's our way of expressing gratitude for your continued support, and we want to reward you for choosing us as your trusted wholesale bead supplier. Click here to learn how to claim your beading bucks.

Unlock Order Total Based Discounts

In addition to our Loyalty Rewards Program, we also offer generous discounts based on your total order amount. The more you shop, the more you save! Check out our Order Total Based Discounts below:

  • Spend $150 to $499.99: Enjoy 2% off your entire order.
  • Spend $500 to $999.99: Receive a 5% discount on your total order amount.
  • Spend $1000 or more: Get an incredible 10% off your entire order!

These discounts are automatically applied during the checkout process, making it simple for you to save on your purchases without the need for promo codes or additional steps. At Continental Bead Suppliers Inc., we believe that providing exceptional value is a key aspect of building a lasting relationship with our customers.

Shop Smart, Save More!

Take advantage of our loyalty rewards and order total based discounts to maximize your savings. Whether you're stocking up on essentials or exploring new products for your business, we're here to make your wholesale shopping experience rewarding and cost-effective.

At Continental Bead Suppliers Inc., we are committed to offering top-quality products, excellent customer service, and cost-saving opportunities that benefit your business's bottom line. So why wait? Start earning Beading Bucks and enjoy the benefits of our discounts today!

Exploring the Metallic Composition of Continental Bead Suppliers Plating

Electroplating is a meticulous and sophisticated process that lies at the heart of crafting our exquisite jewelry-making products. In this intricate technique, a thin layer of precious metal is carefully deposited onto a base metal, creating a captivating fusion of aesthetics and durability. Through a controlled electrochemical reaction, the base metal becomes a canvas, ready to embrace the brilliance of gold, silver, or other alluring finishes. This process not only enhances the visual allure of our products but also reinforces their strength and resilience. The result is a range of jewelry-making components that exude elegance and quality, perfect for translating your creative visions into masterful jewelry pieces. At Continental Bead Suppliers, we take pride in the artistry and precision behind our electroplated products, ensuring they exceed your expectations in both form and function.

If you are interested in reading more about our electro-plating process please visit this blog post. 


Continental Bead Suppliers Inc. takes immense pride in being a trusted wholesale supplier in the jewelry making industry. With our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and global reach, we are here to help your business thrive. Explore our wide selection of electro plated nickel-free, lead-safe, and hypoallergenic chain and findings, book a virtual appointment, and take advantage of our drop shipping service to streamline your operations. Your success is our success, and we are dedicated to providing you with nothing less than the best. Get in touch with us today to experience the Continental Bead Suppliers Inc. difference!

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