Flower Pewter Bead Available in Silver & Gold - Measures 13mm x 6mm - Sold by the Piece - CBS 11/6393

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Product Description: Incorporate the natural elegance of our Flower Pewter Bead into your jewelry designs. Available in both silver and gold finishes, this bead measures 13mm by 6mm and features a beautifully crafted flower design that adds a touch of botanical charm to any piece. Ideal for spring-themed jewelry or adding a floral accent to bracelets, necklaces, or earrings, these beads are versatile and visually appealing. Sold individually, they provide the perfect opportunity for designers to create unique, personalized jewelry with a floral motif.

  • Material: High-quality pewter, offering long-lasting durability and an attractive finish.
  • Size: Each bead is 13mm long and 6mm wide, perfect for making a statement in your designs.
  • Colors: Available in classic silver and rich gold to complement different style preferences.
  • Design: Features a detailed flower shape that brings a fresh, natural look to your creations.
  • Use: Excellent for crafting seasonal jewelry or adding a decorative element to any accessory.

Care Tips: To maintain the beauty and detail of the flower design, avoid exposure to chemicals and excessive moisture. Clean with a soft cloth and store in a dry place to prevent tarnishing and preserve the bead’s appearance. Regular care will ensure these beads continue to enhance your jewelry designs.