Stamp-able Heart Charm Sold by the Piece - K142

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Express your creativity with our Stampable Heart Charm, a versatile canvas for your unique designs. Measuring 19mm x 17mm, this charm allows you to add a personalized touch to your jewelry creations.

Key Features of our Stampable Heart Charm:

  • Customizable Design: Let your imagination run wild as you stamp your chosen design onto the Stampable Heart Charm. Its smooth surface provides the perfect backdrop for your creative expressions.

  • Large Loop: The charm features a sizable loop at the top, making it easy to incorporate into various jewelry pieces. Attach it to chains, bracelets, or necklaces effortlessly.

  • Choice of Finishes: Available in both silver and gold, the Stampable Heart Charm offers you the freedom to match your design with the perfect finish.

  • Optimal Dimensions: Measuring 19mm x 17mm, the charm strikes a balance between being a prominent feature and a harmonious addition to your jewelry.

  • Quality Core Metal: Crafted from brass, the charm guarantees durability and an elegant foundation for your designs.

  • Premium Plating: The charm's electro-plated nickel-free finish ensures hypoallergenic wear and maintains its shine. It is 100% lead-safe, prioritizing your safety.

  • Protective Coating: Our Stampable Heart Charm features a protective e-coating layer, safeguarding its luster and ensuring longevity.

  • Care Tips: To preserve its beauty, avoid wearing the charm while swimming or bathing, and minimize exposure to perfume or lotions. Cleaning is simple – use gentle hand soap and warm water, followed by patting it dry with a paper towel.

  • Endless Possibilities: Whether it's a name, a date, or a special message, the Stampable Heart Charm allows you to create meaningful pieces that resonate with you and your recipients.

Embrace the art of customization with our Stampable Heart Charm. Craft unique jewelry pieces that reflect your style and sentiments. With its spacious design, exceptional quality, and customizable nature, this charm becomes a canvas for your creativity. Choose your preferred finish, adorn it with your design, and let your jewelry stand out with a touch of personalization. The Stampable Heart Charm is the perfect way to make your mark in the world of jewelry. Order now and infuse your designs with the essence of individuality.