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#1 Wholesale Suppliers of all things JEWELRY MAKING


EW5001 French Ear Wire With Ball

EW5002 Shepherds Hook French Ear Wire

EW5003 Hammered French Ear Wire with Ball

EW5000 French Ear Wire

EW5011 44mm V-Shaped Ear Wire

EW5008 Shepherd Hook French Ear Wire

EW5010 30mm Hoop & Oval Ear Wire

EARNUT earring post back

EW5007POST 5mm Ball Post Earwire

KE21 Hoop Post Earring

EW5004 French Ear Wire with Bead

KE16 Hexagon Earring

EW5018 Round 14mm Hoop Earrings With Loop

K54 Acute Triangle Chandelier Earring Component

KE20 Circle Earring

KE19 Triangle Earring

EW5016 Large 50mm Hoop Earrings

KE11 Square Earring

KE23 Hoop Post Earring

KE22 Hoop Post Earring

EW1SS Spring and Ball Stainless Steel French Ear Wire

KE17 Rectangle Earring

KE-28 14mm x 5mm Paperclip Cable Chain Earring

KE-25 8mm Flat Oval Curb With One Elongated Link Chain Earring

KE31 15mm Round Post Earring with Loop and Earnut Gold

K10 Chandelier Earring Component

EW14SS 6mm Flat Back Glue-On Post Earwire

KE-30 15mm Round Earring with Loop

EW1347 27mm x 12mm Chandelier Ear Wire Earring

KE13 Leaf Earring