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What's New

C802 12mm x 6mm Zinc Lobster Claw Clasp

CH-2607 Kinked Paperclip Cable Chain

CH-2605 Paperclip & Oval Cable Chain

SOL/R8 8mm Closed Soldered Rings

SOL/R6 6mm Closed Soldered Rings

SOL/R4 4.75mm Closed Soldered Rings

CH-2604 Specialty Paperclip and Round Cable Chain

CH-2603 12mm x 6.7mm Paperclip Chain

CH-2602 Specialty Paperclip Mariner Chain

CH-2601 Specialty Paperclip Chain

CH-945 15mm x 12.5mm Aluminum Round Cable Chain

KE-36 Earring Cuff, Post and Earnut

KE-35 Earring Cuff, Post and Earnut

KE-34 Earring Cuff, Post and Earnut

KE-33 Earring Cuff, Post and Earnut

18" 4mm Flat Herringbone Necklace with Clasp

CSL01 10mm x 6mm Swivel Lobster Claw

CH-115SS 3mm Stainless Steel Rolo Chain

K168 Silver & Gold Epoxy Reindeer Christmas Charm

K167 Silver & Gold Epoxy Santa Claus Christmas Charm

K166 Silver & Gold Epoxy Christmas Tree Charm

K165 Silver & Gold CZ Epoxy Eye Charm

K164 Silver & Gold 20mm CZ Constellation Charm

K163 Silver & Gold 15mm CZ Constellation Charm

K162 Silver & Gold CZ Stars Charm

K161 Silver & Gold Moon & Stars Charm

K160 Silver & Gold CZ Cross Charm

K159 Silver & Gold Eye Charm

K157 Silver & Gold "X" Charm with Loops

K158 Silver & Gold Hamsa Hand Charm