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What's New

SR21 21mm Large Spring Ring Clasp With Loop

BCAP8 10mm Bead Cap With A Loop Inside

BCAP6 8mm Bead Cap With A Loop Inside

CH-2614 6mm x 10mm Angular Cable Chain

CH-2613 Flat Mariner Designer Chain 2.5mm links

CH-2612 Round Cable Chain with 12mm and 18mm links

CH-2611 Double Link 8mm Cable Chain

K169 Silver & Gold Starburst Charm

CH-77SS 2mm Venetian Box Chain

CH-2610 1.2mm Satellite Curb Chain

CH-2609 Oval Cable Chain

CH-2606 Designer 15.8mm x 7.2mm U Shaped Specialty Chain

SBD4 - 4mm Smart Bead

SBD3 - 3mm Smart Bead

BTIP2 2mm Bead Tip

SOL/R3 4mm Closed Soldered Rings with 3.2mm Hole

CH-2608 25mm Bar and Cable Chain

CH-76SS 11mm Round Textured Stainless Steel Cable Chain

CH-75SS 10mm x 7mm Oval Stainless Steel Cable Chain

CH-74SS Textured 11mm x 8mm Oval Stainless Steel Cable Chain

CH-816G 5mm French Rope Byzantine Chain Gold Only

CH-73SS 1.25mm Snake Beading Chain Stainless Steel

CH-72SS 3mm Wheat Byzantine Chain Stainless Steel

CH-71SS Small 2mm Box Chain Stainless Steel

EW5019 Twisted 12mm Hoop Earrings with Earring Backs

EW5018 Round 14mm Hoop Earrings With Loop

EW5017 Beveled 40mm Hoop Earrings with Earring Back

EW5016 Large 50mm Hoop Earrings

C802 12mm x 6mm Zinc Lobster Claw Clasp

CH-2607 Kinked Paperclip Cable Chain