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#1 Wholesale Suppliers of all things JEWELRY MAKING

What's New

CH-863 18mm Soldered Closed Ring Link

CH-ASST1 Assorted Chain By The Pound

BCCON8SS Stainless Steel Ball Chain End Clasp

CH-932 19mm x 6.5mm Paperclip Cable Chain

CH-149SS Stainless Steel Paperclip Cable Chain

CH-148SS Stainless Steel 8mm Ball Chain

CH-147SS Stainless Steel Paperclip Cable Chain

CH-931 11mm x 4.25mm Paperclip Cable Chain

Wire Guards Sold in Packs of 100

CH-815 Woven Chain

ELAST 0.8mm Stretchy Rubber Elastomer Cord

WC 0.5mm Cotton Cord Available in Multiple Colors

CH-928 Satellite Chain

ELAST 0.6mm Stretchy Rubber Elastomer Cord

Large Tassel with Silver Cap

Small Tassel with Silver Cap

CL/4 Box Clasp

Small Tassel with Gold Cap

Large Tassel with Gold Cap

CBS4510 10mm Pewter Bead

CBS2843 Pewter Cap