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What's New

CBS11/333 Toggle Clasp

CBS11/331 Toggle Clasp

Alphabet Letter Charms

CH-937 4mm Tennis Rhinestone Cup Chain

K44XL Silver 40mm Slide Tube *Limited Supply*

CH-936 5.6mm Rounded Curb Chain

CH-934 25mm x 9mm Box Paperclip Chain

CH-935 3mm Venetian Box Chain

CH-933 2mm Venetian Box Chain

CH-EXT2 2 Inch 3mm Extender Chain

CH-863 18mm Soldered Closed Ring Link

K156 Silver & Gold Bullion Bar Charm

K155 Centerline Seed Bead Charm

K154 Centerline Feather Seed Bead Charm

K153 Centerline Seed Bead Charm

K152 Latin Catholic Religious Coin Charm

K151 "Dos Pesos" Heart Charm

K150 "Un Pesos" Coin Charm

K149 Silver & Gold Bullion Bar Charm

K148 Heart Charm

CH-ASST1 Assorted Chain By The Pound

BCCON8SS Stainless Steel Ball Chain End Clasp

CH-932 19mm x 6.5mm Paperclip Cable Chain

CH-149SS Stainless Steel Paperclip Cable Chain

CH-148SS Stainless Steel 8mm Ball Chain

CH-147SS Stainless Steel Paperclip Cable Chain

CH-931 11mm x 4.25mm Paperclip Cable Chain

Wire Guards Sold in Packs of 100