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#1 Wholesale Suppliers of all things JEWELRY MAKING

Beads & Charms

CH-2350 Beading Snake Chain

CH-874 1.25mm Beading Chain

CRTB2 2mm x 2mm Crimp Tube

BELL Assorted Pastel Colored Brass Bells

Small Tassel with Silver Cap

Small Tassel with Gold Cap

K44 30mm Slide Tube

K42 16mm Slide Tube

CCOV4 Crimp Cover

Large Tassel with Silver Cap

SP699 Semi Precious Pendant

Large Tassel with Gold Cap

K60 20mm Spike Charm

K43 20mm Slide Tube

K20 Bar Pendant Charm

K38 Rectangle Bead Frame

K144 Crescent Moon Charm Pendant

K35 Rectangle Bead Frame

K115 Starburst Cubic Zirconia Charm Pendant

K110 Trianglar Cubic Zirconia Charm Pendant

K77 Heart Bead

K28 12mm Round Disc Charm

K26 Butterfly Wing Charm Pendant

K89 10mm Round Bead Frame

K31 Star Charm

K116 Evil Eye Cubic Zirconia Charm Pendant

Stainless Steel Spacer Beads

K95 Detailed Collar Pendant

K39 Square Curved Tube

BTIP 3.2mm Bead Tip Available in 6 Finishes