CH-876 (4mm) Curb Chain Sold by The Foot.

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Brown and Gold
Black and Gold
Gray and Gold
Turquoise and Gold
White and Gold

4mm Flat Braided Two Tone Chain. Sold By The Foot. Another two-toned chain favorite is CH876. It's diamond cut edges add an elegant golden sparkle onto the braided links. The enamel coating won't chip or wear even with excessive swimming or bathing. This flat braided link chain makes a really cool wrap bracelet with a simple clasp or you can spice things up with one of our classy collar pendants like our K-97SHG. Why not mix any of the colors and lengths to create something way out of the norm! This chain works best with our gold (EGP) findings along with many of our "Designer Jewelry Parts" in Satin Hamilton Gold. Your customers will love the durability of this chain and all five colors it comes in. Fits 21g Jump Ring